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My newest release, The Measure of Silence, is out now on Heart Dance Records. Release #HDR21071

This is an instrumental collection of 11 songs all composed using an acoustic baritone guitar. This instrument is lower in pitch than a traditional guitar and creates a soundscape that is huge and majestic. 

The music is slow and very melodic, resulting in songs you'll be humming and whistling in no time.

"As a reviewer, I often receive promo albums, and sometimes request them. But this one—like his other two here on Heart Dance Records—is so good I wanted to pay full price as a measure of my esteem for Mr. Latarski and his musical gifts to us. It is unusual for a guitarist this skilled and experienced to combine eloquence and restraint so consistently. My tastes gravitate toward propulsive sequencers and dark ambient, but Latarski’s solo guitar is another kind of bliss. Favorite track: Akebia.” Paul Asbury Seaman

Click the links at the top to stream, purchase a physical cd, or download.

Thanks for listening.

Measure-of-Silence-front 600x600.jpg
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