Spohn baritone guitar with Sunrise pickup 2019.

Mark Schneider - bass and Jason Palmer - drums.

Novax semi-hollow jazz guitar.

Novax Sweet Annie solid body fanned-fret  guitar.

Collings D1-A. This is the photo that appeared on my Acoustic Funkus cd. Photo by Brian Lanker.

Sampling the wind in Enterprise, Oregon.

Teaching modal theory from my kayak Clear Lake, Oregon.

More wind sampling on the Mt. Hopkins road in southern Arizona.

Marilyn Keller. We did a duo album together called Nightingale.

From left to right, Devin Sanders (Hammond organ), Marilyn Keller (vocals), Matt Shevitz (sax), Mark Schneider (bass), Jason Palmer (drums). This is the lineup from the Eden Hall Sessions cd 2001. The band was called Rue de Blues

Filming a guitar outside lesson on the shore of Wallowa Lake near Joseph, Oregon.

Duo gig with Mark Schneider at the Hideaway Bakery Pizza night 2019. This guitar is my incredible OM made by Raymond Kraut.

This is the trio from the regular Oregon Electric Station gig that we held down for many years. It was on this gig that I switched to an all finger style technique..